Case studies for MOBILE Apps
Dream, prepare, design and publish. No any development. Your IOS@,Android mobile apps are ready without compile
Artificail Intelligence Based
You can train your own AI or get help from ready one
Fast and profitable by creating solution packs
Create your solution packs, publish it in Aigap Store and then start selling
Drag and drop design features
Prepare your project with drag and drop form designer without needed any software developer
IOS@ mobile app is ready
Prepare your %100 native IOS mobile app and see results at runtime without compile or copy
Android@ mobile app is ready
Prepare your %100 native Android mobile app and see results at runtime without compile or copy
Create your management portal included reports by using Aigap Panel
Enjoy the preparing your backend without coding
Are you ready to be expert with training videos?
Prepare your solution for your own theme and screen size. Then define your sale price to make money
Theme based design
All forms are can be prepared with different themes and assign whatever you want
Screen based design
Create your project for the screen rate or size which are defined by yourself
Flexible with Power Packs
Define unlimited power packs before publishing solution packs to start selling advanced features
Popular Solution Packs
Smart Sender
Smart Login
Smart Wallet
Smart Payment
High level security, best performance and micro service layer make feel you comfortable
Block-chain based security
Secure your project with the block-chain based encrytion algorithm for the message send and receive
Smart with artificial intelligance
If you believe that an artificial intelligance does not need a developer feel free the difference
Flexible with micro services
Fragmentize your project algorithm and functions to unlimited layers by creating micro services to manage easily
Isolated substructure for database
Aigap creates an isolated database for each project and solution pack to have best performance and security
Multi language support
Add multiple languages to your solution pack or project and switch on whenever your want
Component based event and action features
You will get use to define the component based events or actions to develop your project very easily
You need to know
Developer Center
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