[ Why should you use AI in Aigap? ]
Is a AI need a software developer ?
The answer is NO. Aigap creates an individual AI if it is need
How do you train your own AI ?
Aigap gives you a substracture to create your own AI without coding
If Aigap not enough capability to create my AI algorithm, what should i do ?
Aigap gives an option to create your own alogirithms by using a middle layer service
Can i collaborate my individual AI with another one ?
YES. You can join another AI to work together
Where is my AI algorithms ?
Your AI data and all the algorithms are in the Aigap Cloud Services. All the data keep in the server with block-chain key algorithms and the users can modify them whenever they want
Which sectors can use the AI ?
Aigap can create its own algoritms by using the existed AI
Mathematical proof is easy with Aigap because the AI is thinking in you stead
Aigap can follow the patient history with AI based algorithms and then predict the possible variants to have early diagnosis
And now no need to worry about the security leak on your network. AI with Aigap can detect and destroy the access breach automatically
AI can help the all of the workers to speed up all the cases by searching old situations
With Aigap, AI can find the customer exact needs and help them to have the best option
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